Pancreatic Enzyme Mask

The Pancreatic Enzyme Mask is designed to stimulate, deep cleanse and detoxify the skin of impurities.  When the enzyme is moist it helps dissolve dead keratinized skin cells without tearing away healthy skin tissue.  Combined with lypolytic enzymes, which are effective in digesting the plugs of comedones, this mask is perfect for both acne prone and mature skin. Once the enzyme is dried up it will cease from functioning.


  • Gently exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Effectively clears pores
  • Improves the skin’s elasticity

Key Ingredients

Colloidal Oat Extract, Pancreatic Enzyme Complex, Chamomile Powder, Alfalfa Powder


1.  Mix 1 part mask with 2-3 parts activator until it becomes a smooth paste.
2.  Using a brush, apply a light layer over entire face.
3.  Apply a moistened towel over mask, or direct steam upward over the face to keep the mask moist.
4.  Leave mask on face for 15-30 minutes based on skin condition.
5.  Gently remove any residue with a wet disposable towel. (Beware enzyme mask may stain the towel) then rinse face with cleanser.